Attractive design and user-friendly intelligent key management cabinet

Store, audit and manage your keys!

Newly designed cabinet

26 Key Slots | 7' Touchscreen

Fashionable Appearance and Design

Curved edges | simple outline

LED lighting

UV antivirus | LED lighting

Multiple access methods

Face | Fingerprint | RFID card | Password

Emergency opening

Full detection of door lock status

Cloud management

Remote control

Convenience and safety

Well-designed and practical

German Red Dot Award

personally designed, a new appearance and structure design

Intelligent nodes are fully upgraded

real-time detection status, remote alarm for abnormal conditions effectively preventing unauthorized opening make it safer and more reliable

Colors and styles can be customized to your specific needs

K26 White

K26 Wood

Convenient methods to access your items.

Password | Fingerprint | Face Recognition | RFID card

Smart remote key retrieval

Operation on your mobile phone is possible. Remote key retrieval and assign others to retrieve the keys for you.

Transparent data management

Open the interface and all key records are readily available.

Send a reminder at any time using email alerts