For 23 years, we have focused on manufacturing intelligent, easy-to-use key management systems and guard tour systems, while innovating automatic identification and data acquisition technology breakthroughs.

We develop, manufacture, and sell our products worldwide, helping our customers reduce operating costs and improve security and efficiency. We provide excellent intelligent management and customized experience to over 100,000 users around the world through continuous optimization and integration of state-of-the-art technology.

Today, we are the leading brand in the field of intelligent key management systems and guard tour systems. We seek to collaborate with more customers and devote ourselves to creating excellent products and solutions for the identification and security of people, keys, and assets.

"Our Key Management systems and Guard Tour systems are widely used in various industries."

Transport & Automotive

The transport and automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in decades due to a variety of new technologies combined with stricter safety and environmental requirements. Landwell has extensive experience in developing software and hardware for smart key and asset management, and the new key management system is smarter in terms of user identification, security, and management. Innovations and advances in technology have made the transport and automotive industry more advanced.

Defense & Security

The rapid evolution of technology and the full use of data and machine intelligence are changing the defense landscape. Landwell provides support for national safety and security, including intelligent management of facilities and property of military and police, to prevent unauthorized access to critical facilities.

Energy & Manufacture

Safe and reliable production and digitization are critical to the success of future manufacturing. Digitalization of manufacturing has become a global concern. Rapidly changing customer and market demands require increased production flexibility, continuous improvement in production efficiency, continuous development time reduction, and efficient use of resources and energy. Moreover, production safety and effective control of dangerous goods must be ensured and continuously improved. Landwell provides innovative solutions for enterprise asset management, enabling the industry to become more data-driven, with better security and competitive advantage.

Education & Research

Universities and research institutions are a venue for activities, flexible authority management for changing populations, and intelligent management of teaching resources, infrastructure, and know-how documents are essential to protect the security of campus assets. Landwell works closely with universities and research institutions to build a smarter campus environment.


The financial industry has adopted comprehensive digital automation to improve its security and remain competitive. Banks and insurance companies often have infrastructure that has been developed over the years, including buildings and branches with different construction years, and different security equipment. Effective access management is a prerequisite for reducing the loss and theft of keys and other critical equipment, as well as a prerequisite for lowering operational and administrative costs. Landwell is working with leading technology providers to support the efficient operation of the financial industry.


Public buildings occupy a considerable proportion of urban buildings and are often crowded places. Public institutions such as museums and stadiums have a large number of people flowing. The protection of critical assets and sensitive areas requires flexible and reliable control of personnel access. In addition to the average staff, there are a lot of temporary staff and visitors in the museum, including interns, scholars, and researchers, who may need to visit non-public areas. Landwell system has flexible rights management that can be set from basic to highest to meet this need. Reduce employee workload and optimize internal processes.


The huge healthcare industry needs smarter, more innovative products and solutions to help it improve health care levels and lower service costs. Hospitals are increasingly demanding safety for important equipment, drugs, and sensitive areas. Landwell has provided multiple technical support solutions for the healthcare industry to meet high-security needs and enhance the hospital's intelligent management and service.


The demand for digital services in the hotel industry is increasing. In addition, the security requirements of hotel operators and guests are getting higher and higher. Safety requirements make the hotel's effective and clear management of the keys even more important. The more keys there are, the more likely it is to have high management costs and security holes. Landwell's key and asset management system is the perfect complement to the hotel's increased security and transparency. By reducing administrative burdens and effectively planning resources, the system helps hotels improve overall safety and service quality, increasing hotel revenues and reducing operating expenses.


Casinos and other entertainment places, such as theme parks, zoos, and playgrounds, require a reliable management system to manage people, keys or valuables to ensure the health and safety of visitors. Landwell's key and asset management system provides a complete audit trail of each key and user, and by limiting access levels, you can fully understand who has access to specific keys, when they have been removed and when they were returned. This allows the equipment to be used more efficiently without the need for arduous manual management.