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Landwell is a world leading manufacturer of systems for managing keys and assets, transforming your business by making key and asset management easy.

For over two decades, spanning 23 years, our primary dedication has been to craft intelligent, user-friendly key management and guard tour systems, punctuated with groundbreaking advancements in automatic identification and data acquisition technology.

Globally, we not only develop and manufacture our products but also market them, assisting our clientele in curtailing operational expenses and amplifying both security and efficiency. Our commitment to relentless refinement and the assimilation of cutting-edge technology has empowered us to offer unparalleled intelligent management and bespoke experiences to an extensive user base of over 100,000 worldwide.

As of now, we stand as the foremost brand in the realm of intelligent key management systems and guard tour systems. Our aspiration is to forge collaborations with an even broader clientele, continually dedicating ourselves to devising superior products and solutions that cater to the identification and security needs of individuals, keys, and assets.


Beyond Traditional Asset Solutions

We provide more than standard key and asset storage.

Our Electronic Key and Asset Management System tracks every detail: Who, When, What, and Why of asset access.

Why Landwell?

Beyond securing assets, our AI solutions enhance your operational efficiency.

We replace manual accountability with AI technology, allowing you to focus on core tasks, not asset tracking.

Our Pledges


Our benchmark is excellence.


Tailored systems for your specific needs.


Unique, innovative solutions for every challenge.


Boosting your operational savings.


Worldwide coverage and unparalleled support.

Our Track Record

Serving 100,000+ clients across 70 countries, innovation is our promise, not just a buzzword.


Invest in the Future with Us

Our commitment to ongoing innovation ensures your investment stays relevant.

At Landwell Systems, we provide not just products, but peace of mind.

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Choose a scientific approach to key and asset management.