Security, Convenience, Asset control

From simple secure storage to enterprise-level control of valuable and sensitive assets


The Landwell intelligent asset management system can be customized to fit the needs of all types of industries. Under the solution management provided by Landwell, our smart key management system has become a valuable tool for enterprises to improve efficiency and provide the ultimate solution to asset control. Landwell allows customers to easily manage assets and at the same time know WHO took the asset, WHEN it was taken and WHY!

Standardized management

There is no need for personnel to be on duty. A complete report can be generated to accurately track missing items/keys.

Scientific management

Combining intelligent international identification technologies such as passwords, RFID, biometrics, etc., the system is completely automated.

Practical management

The status of each user and item is recorded, generating usage records of valuable items! Lower expenses and improved security. Fewer lost items.

Cost-effective management

One-time cost investment and low overall cost. No hidden fees.

Access control management

Reduce personnel management and strengthen transparent management by sharing users, setting access levels, etc.

Cloud management

Cloud management can be realized according to user needs, various reminders and reports can be viewed remotely, and the key usage status can be known at any time.

Multiple access methods

Face | Fingerprint | RFID card | Password

Multiple options


Customize according to your needs.

Personalized customization

If the standard cabinet does not meet your requirements, you can customize the cabinet to meet your specific needs.

Multiple versions

Stand-alone versions, intranet versions, and online versions can be set up according to data confidentiality requirements

Android Version

Standard Version

Windows IPC Version

Smart remote key retrieval

Smart phone remote access available

Transparent data management

Open the interface and all key records are easily accessible.

The email function helps you to send a reminder at any time