Stubenbordt GmbH & Co. KG

Pioneering Customized Fleet Management Solution


The situation

The Stubenbordt Group, a prominent vegetable-growing and trading company based in the Zeiskam region of Germany, has risen to prominence due to its exceptional agricultural products. It now stands as a frontrunner among vegetable-growing enterprises in South Palatinate, Germany.

Challenge and Requirement

The Stubenbordt Group manages an expansive operation that employs around 200 seasonal workers and operates a fleet comprising numerous tractors, trucks, and forklifts across multiple sites. During the active farming season, a shift-based system is implemented, necessitating the frequent movement of a considerable number of vehicles to various workstations on a daily basis. Once their tasks are complete for the day, vehicles are parked at the nearest available station to conserve energy. However, this practice results in the dispersion of vehicles throughout the premises, posing a significant challenge in keeping track of the whereabouts of their corresponding keys. This complexity often leads to instances of misplaced keys or delayed returns, causing operational disruptions for shift workers who cannot promptly locate vehicle keys. Consequently, this inefficiency results in project delays and exacerbates overall management complexities.

The solution

Landwell proposes a smart key management system solution with a “mutual linkage” function. This ingenious function empowers key cabinets to communicate with one another via terminals. Consequently, the movement of vehicles across different business sites can now be effortlessly monitored and tracked. Both employees and managers gain the ability to ascertain the whereabouts of each set of keys in real time.

Stubenbordt Company has successfully integrated four sizeable key cabinets, strategically positioned across various locations. Each cabinet boasts an autonomous control terminal, and the key arrangements within these four cabinets are meticulously synchronized. All cabinets are seamlessly interconnected through an internal network, meticulously overseen by tailor-made software. Within the software interface, distinctive colors are assigned to each cabinet, enabling staff members to quickly determine the presence of keys within the four cabinets, along with their exact location. Moreover, the software facilitates easy identification of the cabinet housing a specific key and its precise position. Should any key not be accounted for within the system, the software promptly pinpoints the individual responsible for its usage and the timestamp of usage.

In practice, when a worker requires a key, if it’s not located within the cabinet they initially access, they can instantaneously verify the key’s location through the terminal. This verification process extends to the remaining three cabinets, along with information about the current user. Remarkably, this entire process operates autonomously, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Consequently, the constraints of fixed cabinet-based key storage are eliminated. Workers can borrow a key from one cabinet and conveniently return it to any of the other three cabinets at the end of their shift.

The Outcome

The implementation of the Landwell key management system has significantly improved communication efficiency within Stubenbordt, streamlining worker-to-worker and worker-to-staff interactions. This enhancement has resulted in time savings, heightened accountability, and overall operational efficiency.

One remarkable benefit is that workers can effortlessly inquire about the whereabouts of keys stored in any key cabinet. In cases where a required key is not present in the designated cabinet, they can promptly ascertain the current possessor of the key, its recent usage history, and the specific key needed, all through a terminal interface. This eliminates the need to repeatedly consult staff members for assistance even when keys are stored in alternative cabinets. The individual responsible for Stubenbordt attested, “The system’s effectiveness and user-friendliness are truly commendable. Workers can swiftly locate key positions whenever necessary, allowing them to promptly resume their tasks.”

The true value of the system lies in the seamlessness of hardware integration. Previously, when administrators sought information regarding car ownership or desired insights into key usage history, they had to consult software records, which presented information on-screen for any given day, be it the present or the past. With the new system in place, workers can independently verify and return keys to nearby locations. This not only spares staff members from undue time consumption but also contributes to reduced vehicle energy consumption.

Landwell’s solutions have facilitated a streamlined and effortless process, leading to successful sales and contented clientele. The individual overseeing Stubenbordt operations remarked, “Prior to integrating Landwell cabinets, issuing keys to workers and tracking key locations proved to be time-consuming, particularly due to language barriers as workers were not fluent in German and English. Now, we benefit from an easily accessible tracking system that consistently identifies key holders and key locations. The key cabinet has significantly alleviated the communication time burden on employees each week.”