A180D S1

This is an excellent solution for Hotels, Airbnb or a car wash center. With the drop box, you don’t have to worry about customers not retrieving keys outside of business hours or having to hire staff to extend hours. The drop box offers a self-service. The key is readily available to the customer by entering the correct PIN, it is securely sealed, and the key is automatically dropped from inside. An alarm will sound if an illegal operation is performed. The drop box is waterproof and suitable for outdoor/indoor use.

Technical Specs

Key Capacity: 15
Dimensions: 485 x 553 x 200mm
Weight: 27.3kg
Material: 1.5mm thick steel
Terminal: Android Terminal
Operating System: Android 4.4
Display: 7″ Touchscreen
Power Supply: 110v / 220v > 12V 5Ah
Power Consumption: 60W Max