Landwell Systems offers a Premium Key and Object management system, granting you complete oversight of your assets

With Landwell Systems, managing your Keys and Assets is a breeze. Now you can precisely track Who accessed your asset, What was acquired, When it was taken out, and most importantly, the Why behind it.





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What you require is more than just a standard key and asset storage cabinet. You need an advanced electronic tracking system that accurately determines Who accessed your asset, What was retrieved, When it was taken, and mostly Why. At Landwell Systems, our primary objective is to bring a scientific approach to managing your key and asset storage. The primary benefit of our Electronic Key and Asset Management Systems is the reduction in labor and management costs while amplifying efficiency in asset tracking. Regardless of your industry, our systems represent the pinnacle of asset security, management, and efficiency, transferring accountability from humans to technology. With Landwell Systems, you can focus on higher-priority tasks rather than fretting over the specifics of your assets’ whereabouts and handling.

At Landwell Systems, innovation is paramount to us! To ensure our products continually meet your needs, we consistently enhance the functionalities of our Key and Asset cabinets and are always in pursuit of introducing new features.

Automated Door System

Experience convenience at its best with our automatic door system, significantly decreasing errors and reducing alarm occurrences.


Tailored to fit your specific needs, whether in structure or aesthetics. We handle design, prototyping, and production based on your preferences.

Integrated Control Terminal

Experience enhanced usability with a terminal that amalgamates a card reader, face recognition, and an LCD touch panel.

Vein Biometric Recognition

Step up your security measures with our vein biometric recognition, guaranteeing precise individual identification and quicker access.

Multi-authentication Support

For those essential keys, our multi-authentication system drastically reduces risks associated with duplication, theft, or loss.

3-year Warranty

Every product model we offer comes with a 3-year warranty, complemented by our prompt after-sales service.

Our Software

Simplicity at its Best.

Navigating through our software is straightforward for both managers and employees. We act as the bridge that eases communication by consolidating all necessary information onto a single platform. Whether it’s key or asset assignments, permission approvals, or report reviews, we’ve revolutionized key or asset management to be more streamlined and collaborative. Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and welcome automated, efficient management.

Our Solutions

"Our Key Management and Guard Tour systems are extensively adopted across diverse industries."

Transport & Automotive

With the transport and automotive sector witnessing its most significant transformation in decades due to technological innovations and enhanced safety and environmental standards, Landwell Systems is at the forefront. Our rich experience in creating smart Key and Asset management software and hardware ensures advanced user identification, heightened security, and efficient management. As technology propels the industry forward, we’re here to ensure it advances seamlessly.

Defense & Security

In a world where technology evolves rapidly and the potential of data and machine intelligence expands, the defense landscape is reshaping. Landwell Systems stands as a pillar supporting national safety and security. Our solutions focus on intelligent management of military and police facilities and assets, ensuring that critical areas remain safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Energy & Manufacture

The future of manufacturing hinges on dependable production and its digitization. As the global push towards manufacturing digitalization grows, industries need to adapt to shifting market and customer demands. This necessitates improved production flexibility, consistent enhancements in efficiency, timely development, and efficient resource utilization. With safety paramount, especially in handling hazardous materials, Landwell ensures continuous improvements in this domain.


The vast healthcare sector calls for smarter, innovative tools and solutions that not only elevate care standards but also reduce service costs. With a mounting demand for safeguarding vital equipment, medicines, and sensitive areas in hospitals, Landwell Systems steps in. We offer multiple tech-driven solutions tailored for the healthcare industry, catering to its high-security requirements and boosting intelligent management and service.


The demand for digital services in the hotel industry is increasing. In addition, the security requirements of hotel operators and guests are getting higher and higher. Safety requirements make the hotel’s effective and clear management of the keys even more important. The more keys there are, the more likely it is to have high management costs and security holes. Landwell’s key and asset management system is the perfect complement to the hotel’s increased security and transparency. By reducing administrative burdens and effectively planning resources, the system helps hotels improve overall safety and service quality, increasing hotel revenues and reducing operating expenses.

Education & Research

Universities and research institutions serve as hubs for diverse activities. Given the ever-changing populations within these settings, adaptive authority management and smart handling of educational resources, infrastructure, and critical documents are crucial to ensure the safety of campus assets. Landwell Systems collaborates diligently with such academic and research entities, aiming to cultivate a more intelligent and secure campus atmosphere.

Public Sector

Public buildings constitute a significant fraction of city structures and are frequently populated areas. Venues like museums and stadiums experience high footfall. Safeguarding crucial assets and sensitive zones demands flexible yet trustworthy control over personnel access. Museums, in particular, host not just regular staff but also a plethora of temporary personnel and visitors, including interns, academics, and researchers, who might require access to restricted areas. The Landwell system boasts a versatile rights management feature, offering settings ranging from basic to the most stringent, catering to these specific requirements. This aids in reducing staff burden and refining internal operations.


The world of finance has vigorously embraced extensive digital automation, enhancing security and maintaining a competitive edge. Banking and insurance institutions often operate within legacy infrastructures, consisting of facilities and branches built over various years, each equipped with differing security apparatus. Efficient access management is essential, not only to minimize key losses and theft of vital equipment but also to curtail operational and administrative expenses. Landwell Systems collaborates with top-tier technology partners to bolster the seamless functioning of the financial sector.

Entertainment Industry

Casinos, along with other entertainment venues like theme parks, zoos, and playgrounds, necessitate a dependable management system to oversee people, keys, and valuables, ensuring visitors’ safety and well-being. Landwell’s key and asset management system delivers a comprehensive audit trail for every key and user. By defining access levels, it’s possible to precisely track who accessed specific keys, when they were taken, and when they were returned. This setup facilitates more efficient use of the equipment, eliminating the tediousness of manual oversight.



The Landwell team made another appearance at ISC West 2023 in Las Vegas, proudly showcasing our newest generation of intelligent key management systems. This year, we discerned a significant inclination towards AI-driven security solutions. Attendees were visibly excited and eager to explore our distinct solutions, emphasizing a holistic approach to heightened security. Their curiosity about integrations, connectivity, and APIs was palpable, and we were delighted to confirm that this year marked one of our most successful showcases.

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