Versatile Solutions Across Industries

Landwell Systems is recognized as the leading solution for Electronic Key Storage Cabinets and Asset Management Lockers in various sectors such as Transport & Automotive, Defense & Security, Energy & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hotels, Education & Research, the Entertainment Industry, Finance, and the Public Sector. Our systems are specially designed to address the unique challenges in each of these fields.

Understanding Your Challenges

  • The impact of stolen vehicles or property assets on your business.
  • Tracing misplaced keys or assets, understanding who had them last, why, and when.
  • How poor key and asset management affects customer experiences.
  • The cost in time and money for lost assets and their retrieval or replacement.
Our key storage cabinet and asset management locker solutions are ideal for sales, service, rentals, fleet management, body shops, and more.
Landwell empowers efficient management of any asset and those of your valued customers.

Landwell's Professional Key and Asset Management Benefits


Control unauthorized vehicle or property use.


Ensure correct key and asset distribution.


Grow the system with your needs.

Data Handling

Capture essential information efficiently.

24/7 self-service

Reduce the need for staff in management control.


Stay informed about any usage.

For over 25 years, our systems have been trusted for organization, security, and streamlined management in diverse industries.

Innovative i-Keybox 2023 and Electronic Asset Lockers

The i-Keybox Series 2023 offers enhanced design and functionality, including an industrial touch screen, automatic door feature, vein reader, robust key bolt, industrial hinge, and much more. And don’t forget, at Landwell Systems, we also produce the best and most affordable Electronic Asset Lockers in America, which work in harmony with our key storage cabinets, providing comprehensive security solutions for all your assets.

Custom Solutions and Software Features

  • User-friendly software for efficient management.
  • Customized solutions for specific industry needs.
  • Ability to create special software or products to specification.

Landwell at ISC West 2023

Our latest intelligent key management systems were showcased at ISC West 2023, emphasizing AI-driven security solutions and integration capabilities.

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